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Move To More

What is the Move To More initiative?

Raising awareness about the opportunities to live, work and invest in regional Australia 

In December 2021, the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) commissioned market research to find out exactly how regional Australia was viewed by those living in our major metropolitan cities and what they were looking for when they were ready to make the move.  We found that a life in the regions was top of mind for thousands of city dwellers. In fact, one-in-five were considering a sea-change or tree-change. More than two-thirds of those who were considering moving were ready to do so within a year!

This market research was about finding out what the pull factors were to the regions, and what city residents wanted to leave behind.

The top three factors driving people to leave the city life were:

  • Avoiding roads and traffic congestion (70%);
  • Reducing general stress and anxiety (69%);
  • Reducing cost of living (68%)

"Without that mortgage stress we are able to allocate more of our income to doing fun stuff like buying a house and taking holidays with the kids." Helen Daly Mackay QLD

What was most interesting about this research was the pull factors to regions were greater than the dissatisfaction of city living.
The research shows the top three factors drawing people to regional Australia were:

  • Sense of space (77%)
  • Connecting with the natural environment (77%)
  • Overall improved wellbeing (75%)

The Regional Australia Institute has developed the Move To More website in response, to raise awareness among metropolitan Australians about the opportunities to live, work and invest in our regional towns and cities. A place where regionally curious Australians can search seventy-six regions and almost 2000 regional towns. Regional Australia is home to thousands of rewarding and diverse jobs and Move To More has shown it can reach those city dwellers thinking about a move to more!

The website gives regional businesses the opportunity to promote the jobs available to job seekers that visit the website daily. Move To More has partnership opportunities available to promote jobs through our jobs board as well as through our other mediums such as podcast, email newsletters, this website and our social media channels. 

Click to download our Prospectus.

Want to get involved?

Whether you are a regional council, development association, business or an interested individual, you can get involved in the Move To More campaign!

Move To More has inspiring content which you can use to spread the word and drive interest in your own region. You can:

  1. Subscribe to the Move To More monthly newsletter.
  2. Share Move To More campaign videos featured on Move To More's YouTube channel.
  3. Share news, high quality imagery or stories of people who have made the move to your region. Use the hashtags #MoveToMore #MadeTheMove or email [email protected] to be considered for future promotion on our Move to More social media channels and in our newsletter. Images selected will be credited and tagged in any content shared by Move to More.
  4. Follow the Move to More Corporate LinkedIn page for campaign and corporate news.
  5. Listen to the Move To More Podcast “You Moved Where?!” or browse the Mover Stories for inspiration!


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For more information about RAI’s Move To More Campaign please contact:

Laureta Wallace 

Director - External Affairs

[email protected]