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Maranoa and Western Downs Childcare Study (Dalby 2)

Maranoa and Western Downs Childcare Study (Dalby 2)

Access to affordable and high-quality childcare is an important component of the liveability of all communities. Recent feedback received by Origin Energy from employees and community members has identified that availability, accessibility, and affordability of childcare in the Maranoa and Western Downs regions is a concern for many people. 

To facilitate discussions and identify opportunities, Origin Energy is funding an independent study into childcare by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) across the Maranoa and Western Downs local government areas.  

The study will investigate current childcare options and develop a range of recommendations to support sustainable, high-quality childcare in the Maranoa and Western downs for local residents and people moving into the regions in the future.  

The report will be shared with local councils and businesses to disseminate to community for further collaboration and discussion with the aim of identifying long-term solutions to this critical issue. 

Group Forums  

Community members and business groups across the Maranoa and Western Downs are invited to participate in 1-hour groups forums, where they will ask to provide feedback on: 

  • The strengths, challenges, and gaps in childcare provision in the two LGAs 
  • The impacts of these issues, and  
  • Any potential solutions or changes that could be made. 

To participate, please register with the forum that suits you. Please note that each forum will be capped at 20 people.  

If your group (community organisation, parents’ group, business group, sporting group etc) would like to have a separate forum, please contact us.

Please note that to ensure that all participants can speak honestly and openly, these forums will not be open to childcare businesses and workers. Separate, private interviews will be held for childcare businesses and workers from 4th to 25th October 2022. If you would like to participate in an interview, please contact us.  

For more information, please contact: 

Tel: 0437004835

Email: [email protected] 

Wednesday, 05 October 2022
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Western Down Regional Council - Training Room
30 Marble Street
Dalby QLD